SWAG President Kwabena Yeboah pleads with government to Support Ghanaian Football Clubs

in How To, Inspiration, Knowledgebase, Uncategorized on June 20, 2020

The President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana Mr Kwabena Yeboah has called on government of Ghana to come to the aid of Ghanaian Football clubs before they fold up following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Kwabena Yeboah whose been a strong advocate for the government support for Sports maintains the current situation makes it difficult for any club to make a turnover of their finances insisting bigger and richer clubs across the world have suffered same fate, stressing this is a force majeure that cannot be blamed on any one.

“This is a very critical time, through no fault of anybody we find ourselves in this critical times, and if the government does not come to the aid of our clubs, some of them may fold up, the corona virus has hit the entire world, almost everybody is on his knees, and we know how some foreign regimes have come to the aid of their clubs, and it’s important for the government of Ghana to also come to the aid of Ghanaian clubs” He told Happy FM in Accra

Mr Yeboah who is in his second term as president of the Sports writing fraternity in Ghana recalled how Government of Ghana had collaborated with Sports in the past leading to the sponsorship of clubs to continental competitions.

“Over the decades, I think that Government appreciates the importance of Sports to our National development, and it’s the reason that over the decades governments at different levels have aided our