CAS sets July 17 to announce future of Ghana FA Presidency, as they rule on Osei Palmer case

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The Court of Arbitration for Sports has told the Ghana Football Association it will announce the outcome of its ruling in the case of Wilfred Kweku Osei v Ghana Football Association on Friday July 17according to

Mr Wilfred Osei Kweku Known as Palmer dragged the Ghana Football Association to the Sports appellate court asking them to annul the results of the 2019 Ghana FA Presidential elections in which he was disqualified.

Osei, popularly known as Palmer, paid 22,000 Swiss Francs to CAS early this year on behalf of the GFA for his disqualification from federation’s presidential elections appeal case to be heard.

The GFA refused to pay 22,000 Euros so per the rules, Palmer decided to pay both so that the hearing can go ahead which means he has now paid 44, 000 Euros which is $48,000.

“On behalf of the Deputy President of CAS Appeals Arbitration Division, please be advised that the time limit to communicate the Arbitral Award to the Parties, pursuant to Article R59 of the Code of Sports-related Arbitration, has been extended until 17 July, 2020,” CAS’ letter to the GFA on Thursday revealed.